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Here's Looking At You! Eyewear For Formal Events

Have you ever noticed that certain bespectacled celebrities ditch their eyeglasses on the red carpet? However much you might like to do the same, not everyone can or wants to wear contact lenses or go without seeing. Eyeglasses might even be part of your signature look. Here are five strategies for your eyewear to use the next time you attend a formal event.

Go with One Extreme or the Other

A formal event can often be the perfect place to be a bit fashion forward, which makes it the ideal setting for a pair of bold eyeglasses. Celebrities who do wear glasses at award ceremonies and premieres often opt for solid black frames with extra-large lenses. These look fabulous with black evening wear, like a tuxedo, a gown, or a full-length taffeta skirt and crisp white blouse.

The other end of this spectrum is to wear the least noticeable frame possible. For most folks, this would be a pair of rimless glasses, which can even trick some people into thinking you're not wearing any eyewear from a distance (and will certainly be less noticeable in photographs).

Find Frames to Match What You're Wearing

If your gown or suit is of a particular style, including wedding dresses and tuxes, you may want to seek out eyeglasses that match the aesthetics of your ensemble. Depending on what you're wearing, this might entail finding frames with filigree patterns, scrollwork, or gemstones. Many designer frames today have the kind of bling that may suit a taste for the more ornate.

Design Your Outfit Around Your Eyewear

Another option is to work backwards and find an outfit that goes with your eyewear. (Don't laugh; there are plenty of folks out there who do this all the time with shoes and handbags, so eyeglasses aren't really any different.)

Take a look at the overall style of your eyeglasses. Are they fancy, plain, colorful, or classic? Since they are an item you probably wear every day, they may be an ideal marker for your personal taste, in which case, it's a great idea to use them to plan your other fashion purchases.

Buy Changeable Frames

Do you attend a lot of different types of events, from work meetings to sports games to black tie functions? You might be a candidate for changeable frames. These eyeglasses come with different temple pieces you can swap out to go with whatever style you're rocking, so you'll never be at a loss for the most appropriate pair of specs.

Try Old-fashioned Alternatives

In addition to bold fashion statements, formal affairs can lend themselves well to old-fashioned eyewear. If you don't need your glasses all the time and only use them for reading or close viewing, you could try one of these old-world alternatives:

  • a monocle
  • a magnifier on a chain or pendant
  • lorgnettes on an opera-style handle
  • pince-nez that slip unobtrusively into a pocket or purse

As a final note, make sure you consider sunlight if you're attending a formal event during daylight hours. Talk to your optometrist about clip-on sunglasses, graduated lenses, tinted lenses, or prescription sunglasses, so any glare doesn't interfere with your cool, stylish look.