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Three Common Causes Behind Indoor Eye Strain

Keeping your eyes comfortable is just as important as keeping them healthy. Over time, eye strain can leave your eyes chronically tired, dry, and itchy, making it difficult to do just about anything. If you've been experiencing eye strain indoors, here are three common causes that might be the culprit.

UV Light

Chances are you know that UV rays can cause eye damage when you're outside, but it might surprise you to learn that you're not necessarily safe indoors. Window panes allow UV light through, which means that you could be subjecting your eyes to UV damage indoors.

For most people, wearing sunglasses indoors - especially at work - isn't a practical option. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can protect your eyes. One such way is to have an anti-UV coating put on your next pair of glasses lenses. Alternatively, you can use window film to reduce the amount of UV light that comes in through your windows.

Blue Light

Another common problem is the blue light emitted by nearly every digital device in your home. Your phone, computer, TV, tablet, and so on emits blue light that can be stressful for eyes to be subjected to for long periods of time. This can increase the strain in your eyes and even lead to damage over time.

Blue light can be reduced in similar ways to UV light. You can ask your optometrist to put a coating on your glasses to protect your eyes from this form of light. You can also use apps to filter out or reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your electronic devices, protecting your eyes in the process.

Old Glasses

Lastly, consider that your glasses themselves might be the problem. Over time, glasses naturally get subjected to damage that can affect your prescription or coatings on your lenses. Even glasses with anti-scratch coatings aren't immune from damage, although they typically experience less of it than glasses that go without it.

If you haven't gotten a new pair of glasses in a while, it might be time to do so. Simply updating your prescription and getting a pair of lenses that doesn't have any scratches or nicks in it can drastically reduce your indoor eye strain.

Reducing the amount of eyestrain you have, especially from these three causes, can help to protect your vision in the long run and keep you comfortable at home and work. If you experience regular eye strain or fatigue, talk to an eye doctor like those at Cripe Stephens & Stickel to get a check-up and a new pair of glasses.