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Get Back-To-School Eye Exams For Your Child

If you are the parent of a school-aged child, do not overlook the importance of ensuring that your child's eyes are healthy. Some parents rely on eye exams administered by their school districts. These exams are not as thorough as exams administered at an eye clinic. Exams administered by eye doctors are considered comprehensive. This is because they involve more than the standard visual acuity eye exam administered by school districts. Many pediatricians use the standard visual acuity test, which may miss eye disorders. Pediatricians may refer their patients to an eye doctor if they notice signs of eye disease or significantly diminished eyesight. The following points identify why back-to-school eye exams administered or supervised by an eye doctor are important.

Mistaken Diagnoses

Eyesight is an important part of learning. Children who have impaired vision may be mistakenly identified as having learning disabilities. Impaired vision can negatively impact a child's performance in school and cause frustration or embarrassment to a child. This can create self-esteem issues and angry outbursts due to frustration. Children affected in this way might be labeled as having depression, anxiety, or behavioral conditions such as ADHD. 

Discover Cause of Headaches

Some children who complain of headaches often have them because of eye-straining. This occurs when someone has to squint to see words. The squinting may occur due to blurred or double vision. It is also possible for a child to have eye issues that make it difficult for their eyes to align and clearly see the information. Sometimes eye strain can be alleviated by identifying the vision issue and prescribing eyeglasses. Contacts might be an option for responsible adolescents and teens. Many children today spend a lot of time on computers and laptops. Some rely on these devices for educational purposes. Eye strain can occur when using PCs and laptops for extended periods of time. An eye doctor might prescribe glasses for this issue.

Discover Why a Child Dislikes School

Issues with eyesight can cause self-esteem issues that are significant enough to get noticed by a child's peers. This can lead to bullying. It can also delay a child's ability to learn at their grade level. This might cause issues with reading comprehension and turning in assignments on time. The avoidance could be related to a child not being able to clearly see how to do their work.

Keep in mind that your child could pass an eye exam and have eye conditions that will likely get worse if they are not treated. Early detection could mean an easier solution to the problem. Eyesight issues and eye diseases may get progressively worse if they are not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. 

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