Zinc And Your Eyes

There's a nutrient you may not be getting enough of... and your eyes might be paying the price! Zinc, a mineral best-known for its role in immune health, also has key benefits for eye health. And while a profound, serious deficiency of zinc is rather rare in the United States, many people do not get quite enough of this nutrient. Here's a closer look at the role of zinc in eye health and how you can improve your intake. [Read More]

Six Things You Should Know About The KAMRA Inlay Procedure

If your vision has weakened through the years and you now require reading glasses to read small print, you may be able to benefit from the KAMRA inlay procedure. This is a surgical procedure that can remedy problems patients have with their vision up close. The following are six things you should know about this procedure if you're looking for a permanent solution to your up close vision problems: This procedure is meant to treat presbyopia. [Read More]

Preparing For And Recovering From Cataract Surgery

If you have cataracts, modern optometry has answers. You could have laser surgery in some cases; in others, an optometrist can implant a lens in your eye to correct the problem occasioned by a cataract. No matter what kind of cataract treatment you will be having, it is important to know how to properly prepare for and recover from your surgery.  Preparing for Cataract Surgery As is the case with any surgery, you will need to talk to your surgeon about how you can best prepare for your surgery. [Read More]

FAQ About Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is the type of condition that can affect your life in many ways. For instance, if you are a student, the condition can lead to you not being able to see whiteboard if you sit at the back of the classroom. It is a good idea to make an appointment so an optometrist can find out what is causing your vision to be unclear, as there are several conditions that could be responsible. [Read More]