Here's Looking At You! Eyewear For Formal Events

Have you ever noticed that certain bespectacled celebrities ditch their eyeglasses on the red carpet? However much you might like to do the same, not everyone can or wants to wear contact lenses or go without seeing. Eyeglasses might even be part of your signature look. Here are five strategies for your eyewear to use the next time you attend a formal event. Go with One Extreme or the Other [Read More]

Don't Neglect Your Vision: What You Need To Incorporate In Your Diet To Promote Optimal Eye Health

In today's age, people are using their eyes more than ever. From computer screens to television sets to smart phone screens, your eyes are being stimulated by bright lights and small print. With this stimulation comes increased eye problems. While all of this stimulation is needed in today's day and age, early sight loss does not have to follow. Believe it or not, your eye health begins at your dinner table. [Read More]

Controlling Eye-Pressure: Keeping An Eye On Glaucoma Risks

The first sign of glaucoma may not be vision loss but could be an increase in your eye-pressure. This is measured by an optometrist with a simple test, that doesn't' hurt, and early intervention may preserve vision longer in many patients. Eye-pressure is a lot like blood pressure; a high reading is reason to be concerned and could be indicative of glaucoma. Some things to know about eye-pressure and Glaucoma include the following: [Read More]

Seeing For Two: 4 Vision Problems You Might Experience During Pregnancy

You knew you were going to experience some major physical changes during your pregnancy, but you might not have expected changes in your vision. If you've noticed that you're having problems with your vision, you'll be happy to know that most vision problems you experience during pregnancy clear up within a few short months after you give birth. It's also important to note that some vision changes can signify a medical emergency. [Read More]